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Re/Cover green Vorwerk
RE/COVER green is the first time that Vorwerk is launching a collection of unique ecological elastomers for the business-site sector, a new generation of elastic design flooring. RE/COVER green offers solutions for a broad spectrum of applications.

The collection is manufactured on the basis of naturally regenerative raw materials, for example from castor oil extracted from the seeds of Ricinus communis, the tropical castor oil plant. RE/COVER green comes in 30 styles involving multi-faceted colours and decors equally inspired by nature and the digital world. Hadi Teherani, the internationally renowned bureau for architecture and design, developed the RE/COVER green collection. Its design is finely attuned to match the particular design-related standards prevailing at offices, shops and hotels, in gastronomy and healthcare, as well as at buildings with public access.
By fulfilling a combination of aesthetic and ecological requirements in a way that has remained unique until now, Vorwerk is using the sustainable resilient RE/COVER green to enable architects and designers to have the greatest possible leeway.

The demand being placed on acting in an ecological and sustainably consistent manner is growing: this applies to architecture and interior design, too. Those who live or work in ‘green’ surroundings can feel good and develop themselves with a clear conscience. That, in turn, has a positive effect on any environment.
The RE/COVER green collection reflects this idea and is in alignment with “Eco Balance”, the programme agenda that originated at Vorwerk: From the use of regenerative energies during production to workmanship, processing and installation, all the way to recycling, RE/COVER green fulfils all ecological aspects.
Organic polyurethane is utilised in the case of RE/COVER green. It completely replaces the polyvinyl chloride (PVC) used for conventional design flooring without any loss of quality whatsoever. To the contrary:

This material displays outstanding properties, which is why RE/COVER green is particularly easy to care for, installation-friendly, durable, longlasting, odour-free, low on emissions, sustainable, recyclable and complies with the European Community REACH Regulation. As if that weren’t enough, RE/COVER green has also been awarded the “Blue Angel” ecolabel.

“RE/COVER green is the logically consistent continuation of the Vorwerk Carpets philosophy into the wide world of floor coverings. This combination of ecology, aesthetics and quality offers architects and interior designers a unique solution. I am very glad that, with RE/COVER green, we are able to enlarge our areas of competence and can once again put new life into floor culture with an orientation towards the future,” states Johannes Schulte, president and CEO at Vorwerk Carpets.

The design concept for RE/COVER green encompasses a total of 30 items and stems from Hadi Teherani, the renowned bureau for architecture and design that operates on an international scale. Among the plain hues the collection includes the series “Sparkling Greys” with a warm-coloured white (“Sparkling White”) and finely nuanced shades of grey that can be integrated uncomplicatedly and discreetly into the widest variety of business-site contract designs. In contrast, the RE/COVER green “Sparkling Colors” with shades in petrol, coral, yellow or green clearly set the stage for the floor. They
are optimally suited for accentuating zones within a space, for instance in the healthcare sector or in buildings with public access. Yet all of these RE/COVER green styles in plain hues are more than merely monochrome: Due to a refined irregular dot structure on the surface they exhibit a discreet sparkling effect inspired by a water surface in motion. As a result, RE/COVER green in plain hues has a particularly lively appearance. By slightly reflecting the surroundings it fits in gently with the respective space. Above and beyond this, the Teherani bureau has co-ordinated all of the RE/COVER green styles in plain hues to harmonise with the world of colours portrayed in the Vorwerk SCALE and FreeScale freely shapable carpet tiles. Which means even more leeway for designing, because RE/COVER green and
freely shapable carpet tiles can be combined optimally with one another. What emerges is yet another decisive advantage for architects’ work: They obtain complete, ecological solutions for the floor – carpets and design flooring from Vorwerk – from one source.
In the case of the 18 RE/COVER green printed styles, modern interpretations of looks reminiscent of wood, stone, metal and ‘used’ in warm colours provide for sophisticated and extravagant moments, for example at elegant shops or hotels, restaurants and bars. These prints play with a refined optical effect that is made possible during production via printing-cylinder overlays: The patterns actually seem like wood, stone or metal within the space, although from close up it ought to be clear that the situation deals with printed decors. With “Endless Wood”, for example, the idea behind this artwork is displayed
in a never-ending wood grain.
The printed designs “Digital Code” and “Minimal Grid” convince due to their freshness in terms of colouring and theme. As one example, these two are well suited for flooring architecture in a creative open office space.
This well-balanced spectrum of colours and patterned designs provides interior designers with a wide variety of options for shaping ‘green’ floor architecture. The new products and advantages offered by RE/COVER green convince down to the last detail: The seamless looks that had been producible until now only at high prices in the form of flow screed, self-levelling floors or a PU coating are now obtainable as merchandise from the roll in an optically appealing manner worthy for use at business contract sites.

“The collection entitled RE/COVER green signifies an optimal design basis for architects and planners. As a result of the material’s ecological composition and its ‘look’ within the colour code and artwork, RE/COVER green is going to contribute towards initiating particularly aesthetic moments in the field of ‘Green Building’,” according to Hadi Teherani.

- composed of nearly 90% regenerative raw materials
- refrains from the use of chlorine, plasticisers and solvents
- rapeseed and castor oil instead of petrochemical substances
- odour-free and nearly free of emissions

- long-lasting
- extremely durable and resistant to wear & tear
- easy to care for
- easy to renovate
- 2 metre-width merchandise from the roll


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