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Lotus Architecti
The Adriatic Group
  • Grad: Klek
  • Godina projekta: 2012
  • Godina izvedbe:
  • Tip građevine: ostalo
Prikaz veće karte
Floating bridges provide safe, cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and permanent solutions to transportation challenges on every continent (except Antarctica). Notable examples are in Norway (longest floating bridge in Europe) and the United States of America (longest floating bridge in the world). More than 115.000 vehicles of all types cross the American bridge each day, which represents a daily vehicle volume equal to the entire population of the Dubrovnik-Neretva County.

Više Manje
Our proposed bridge would be the longest in Europe, but the journey across would last only 3 minutes. The bridge’s daily capacity of 42.000 vehicles is nearly 3x greater than the current peak seasonal traffic volume at the Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina border in question, so no additional construction will be needed for decades to handle large volume increases. Additional lanes can easily be added, if needed, which could allow for light-rail train crossing. There are no technical restrictions to weight, size or type of vehicle. All cargo and passenger vehicles (and pedestrians and bicyclists, too) may move freely across the bridge. The construction and operation of our bridge proposal would have no negative environmental impact because it is a closed system in which no waste reaches the water and no sea bed digging is needed.

Our bridge can be constructed for EUR 40-60 million and completed by June 2013. Given correct operating concession terms, our proposal could be completely funded by private investors at no cost to Croatia or the EC. Bridge construction will create at least 200 new jobs until completion and provide €9 million in PDV over the next 8 months. Bridge operations will require at least 20 fulltime employees earning an average net wage of €1622 per month and will provide the Government with approximately €2 million annually in PDV generated from toll fares. This wage is much higher than average wages in the region.

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